Yoga Retreats Rooted in Authentic Yoga Wisdom

Our project is dedicated to offering genuine experiences that revolve around the traditional practice of Hatha yoga. Our unwavering passion and commitment lie in crafting one-of-a-kind retreats for our guests, deeply rooted in this ancient and authentic discipline.

Yoga, a unique gift leading to greater self-awareness.

We are curious about who or what we really are. Yoga has given us some answers. We are here to share what experiences and ancient wisdom have revealed to us.

Awareness about our nature is a tangled and multifaceted process, but perhaps this is the purpose of living. An intriguing revelatory journey into our one but common ultimate reality. All you need is a little curiosity.

A journey of self-discovery and transformation

At 108 retreats, we are committed to preserving the ancient wisdom and timeless teachings of yoga in their purest form. Our retreat is a haven for those who seek to delve beyond the surface of modern yoga trends and rediscover the essence of this ancient practice.

Our teachings draw inspiration from classical texts such as the Yoga Sutras and Upanishads, honoring the holistic philosophy of yoga that encompasses not only physical postures but also ethical principles, breath control, meditation, and self-realization.

Our experiences

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