Drig Drishya Viveka -The Seer & the Seen

A few thoughts and notes from the lecture series of Swamy Sarvadananda Priya: Deconstructing the layers that make up our Perception, The power of Human Projection, Meditation technique for observing the Self.

Starting with the Optical path of visual perception, it very directly plunges into the core philosophy of intellectual discrimination and differentiation.. Viveka means to differentiate.. Like the intellect to differentiate a Cow vs a Tiger, a Boy vs Girl. Drig Drishya Viveka esentially covers the tenets of differentiation between the object and the viewer and slowly takes us to the core non dualistic teaching of the Self.

The Seer & the Seen Discrimination

The Eyes sees a variety of objects in front. The eyes cannot see themselves and are distinct from the objects. The objects may change but the eyes remain the same.

The ego in the Reflected Consciousness

We shine in the reflected consciousness of the Self.. Just like Moonlight appears to be shining to us due to the incident Sunlight.. . Moon does not have a light of its own.. Nor do the jewels that glitter with light.

The Power of Maya

“Maya has 2 powers… Projection and Covering.. Vikshepa and Aavrutthi..Unfolding and Folding. With the ability to project and synthesise the world in the imagery of the mind, the samsaara and world is born. Sa samsaara karanam. Soon there is Naama roopa prasarana.. Network of name and forms that gets masked on top of the reality.”

How do we experience divinty in our surroundings?

There are 5 factors behind any experience. We are generally lost in the network of name and forms.. the naama roopa identity that is given to everything around which forms the samsaara.

Sakshi Bhava & the Witness Meditation

After following and digesting the teachings of Drid Drishya Viveka, it is time for implementation. The author suggests 2 kinds of meditation practices to deepen this journey. A quiet seated meditation and meditative outlook of Life.

Quiet Meditation

The meditation progresses slowly from savikalpa to nirvikalpa thought.. Visual support.. Word support.. No support.. Drishya->Shabda->Nirvikalpa

  1. Realise and TELL yourself that the internal consciousness is asangha unattached.. sat chid Ananda .. Beyond the light of the Sun and the Moonlight..aditya varna Tamasat Para.. You alone shine and exist swaprabha..The light that illumines the world..
  2. After practise, slowly slip into Nirvikalpa samadhi. Drop the visual thought and the word support. Drishya Shabda upekshyatu.. Enjoy Brahma Sparsha.. Like an unflickering lamp, remain in this state. nivaata sthita deepavat.

External Meditation

Similarly, we can adopt this lens and attitude in day to day living when ever possible.

Swami Sarvapriananda lectures.