Going Beyond The Mind

Mind directs, influences, and goes outward: 

It is imperative that one become aware of the facts that: 

  • Mind controls: It is the mind that is in direct control of the senses, breath, and body.
  • Mind goes outward: It is the mind that influences the senses and causes them to go out into the external world.

  • Mind desires: It is the mind that desires to perceive the world through the senses and then to conceptualize and categorize those sense perceptions.

It’s all about training the mind: All sadhanas (spiritual practices), techniques, and disciplines are actually means to train the mind (all of the Four Functions of Mind).

Train mind to go beyond itself: The most important part of the training is to make the mind aware that Reality lies beyond itself, and that this Reality is the eternal aspect of the Self or Soul.

Mind is the finest instrument: The mind is the finest instrument that we possess. If it is understood well, the mind can be helpful in our spiritual practices (sadhana). However, the mind must be well-ordered and disciplined. Otherwise, the mind can distract and dissipate all of our potentials.

Levels of consciousness: The Four Functions of Mind operate at the various level of consciousness. In the waking state of consciousness, the four operate. In the dreaming state, the four operate. In the deep sleep state, the four functions become less active, as if they are partially receding back into the latent part of mind, the Chitta from which all of the activity arises in the dreaming and waking states.

Experience the truth beyond the four functions: It is necessary that one learn to observe, understand, and train the functions of mind at the various levels of consciousness. Then, eventually, one can experience that Truth which is beyond all of the functions of mind and beyond the levels of waking, dreaming, and deep sleep.