Shiva Loka – The cosmos we live in

Creation ends at the point of Maha-Pralaya when manifestation is withdrawn back into the Great Void. This is when Lord Shiva begins his Shiva Tandav, his famous cosmic dance. From his dance, the destructive energies are released and activated that dismantles all of the creation.

For thousands of years, Lord Shiva has been worshipped from across the world. His energy has been used for the evolution and growth of Mankind. He is considered to be the Lord of the Universe and even the God of the Gods in the Sanatana Dharma. It is in the Shiva Purana that talks in-depth about his origins and his exploits of divine personality. He is also a part of a rich Indian culture of art, dance, and music. There are devotional traditional dances that have grown around the dances of Shiva, while Nagas and Tantrics focus on the energies.

His role in divine creation is of utmost importance as he withdraws and transforms manifestations at different time-intervals. When Rishis meditated on his divine personality, they have witnessed unique knowledge about Shiva and also have devised techniques to expand his powers for the benefit of mankind. The following account from the Rishis gives us great insights and information too.

The Creation

The creation in Hindu dharma goes eons and eons of time back. It did not occur just like that. But instead, there are continuous evolution and experimentation in place that have occurred to what it is today. And it is still in the process.

At the very first beginning, when Devi Loka and ParaBrahma came into existence. There was no Shiva, Vishnu or Brahma. Only the material cosmos manifested from Devi Loka existed and were primitive. It was ancient and narrow.

So, Adi Shakti experimented her various energies and brought forth different creations. It took a lot of her energy in the process. This slowly turned out to be vast and complex. And so she requested ParaBrahma and Mula Brahman to give her the permission to create specialized personalities, who would then take care of different aspects of creation.

The Creation of Trinity

To ease the process, she manifested three divine cosmoses. They were Shiva, Brahma, and Vishnu, the Holy Trinity, and each had their own unique characteristics and personality. The work of Brahma involved creating new worlds and bringing life to them, that of Vishnu involved managing and sustaining the world with his energies, and that of Shiva involved destroying and withdrawing the manifestations.

With them, the diversification of the manifestation increased rapidly. But that’s not the only reason for their manifestation. When the Devi manifested the worlds, they were so pure that it couldn’t hold the strong and divine energy. Thus, with the trinity, the intensity and energy also reduced.

To create the divine Cosmos, Shiva Loka (Sadashivaloka), she created a strong, dominant field of energy, which Rishis calls the Vectrum Diamond Principle.

The Vectrum Diamond Principle

It’s in the shape of Star Tetrahedron and is vast and powerful. This field is the first field that was created. Earlier attempts to cosmos had failed since the cosmos were not stable, and the portion of light always dissipated. So, Devi created the Vectrum Diamond Principle, which protected the further emergence of other new manifestations.

1008 Cosmos manifested in total from the Vectrum Diamond Principle. Each was unique, the decision of which was established by Mula Brahman to introduce diversity at the highest level.

Other than the Shiva Lokas, other manifestations emerged too, which in turn gave birth to further other cosmoses. But the Vecturm Diamond Principle is only viable for the 1008 Shiva Lokas. Within these Shiva Lokas, Vectrum Diamond Principle helps to create new matter and protects it.

But the energy of the field is very powerful that other advanced souls try to connect to it so that they can gain special powers. The principle protects it from them too. The principle also protects Shiva Loka from other manifestations of Devi that is stronger than the Shiva Lokas, and that can have negative impacts on them. It is rather a shield that protects them all.

Among these 1008 Shiva Lokas, the one creation that led to us is the Kailasa, and thus the Cosmos that we exist in is known as Kailasa Shiva.

The Shiva Loka

Hindus worship Shiva in the form of the linga, rather than the personality. A linga has the strength and special energies inside. The reason that people worship him in the form of Linga is that the Shiva Loka, the cosmos that we are a part of, is in the first of Linga. The shape is inverted in reality, with the oval ring towards the Devi Loka, and cylindrical shape moving towards other different manifestations.

This entire field of Shiva Loka has 8 concentric layers, each layer is also in the form of Linga, and can further be divided into 108 planes. Inside the Shiva Loka, there are complex, diverse units, with floating particles spread over the cosmos. Moreover, there are special cells in geometric shapes that are intelligent and can create new energies, and new methods that solve problems at various levels of existence. Any soul can gain the source of this power too.

The Dimension

There are two circular rings at the bottom of the Linga shape of the field. They are the two dimensions of Shiva Loka. The inner one is whitish blue, and the other one is dark blue. It is the base for the entire Shiva Loka.

The inner ring is known as Adi and has special energies of Shiva. It is made out of porous matter. The outer ring, on the other hand, has energies of  Ardhanarishvara, combination of Shiva and Parvati. It contains viscous matter, and thus acts like the protector or the filter in the cosmos that absorbs all the negative energies that come inside.

There is a tunnel that leads to all parts of creation in that ring too. The souls that descend from Devi Loka to Shiva Loka resides on these rings for a long duration, understanding the choices they have to reincarnate into the creation. After that, the personalities change in regard to its destination and thus is guided further.

The Energies

Shiva Loka’s primary energy color is light blue, while other shades of blue are also dominant. Other colors exist too, but they have less share in proportion. Regardless of that, all the colors carry unconditional love and kindness.

Other energies in the Shiva Loka exist too, and they can even help us facilitate our inner facilities. These can be sources of powerful energies and siddhis that Tantriks can acquire with deep Sadhana.

A salient feature of this energy is that it can multiply itself. So, even if a small quantity propagates through you, it can create a huge field of energy with the approval of Shiva.

The other feature is that the components of the energies change periodically, pertaining to the Mahayuga of Earth, and resulting in new constituencies each time with the diverse changes in the manifestations emanated through Shiva Loka.

There are even rare gadgets in Shiva Loka and the fragrances help the gadgets to get properly tuned to maintain the Linga shape of the Cosmos.

The Souls in Shiva Loka

Within the Shiva, souls are created. According to Rishis, 30% of the overall souls in the Cosmos is from Shiva Loka, and that there are no evils in the Shiva Loka. But the powerful energies of Shiva can be used for both good and evil forces of creation.

There are also Shiva Ganas, special souls created by Shiva to assist him in his work. Each have their own work and specialize in completing them. These Ganas are also responsible to educate people about Shiva and spread through the Shiva energy when required. Around 3/4th of the entire works of Shiva are executed by Shiva Ganas.

Nageshwara and Lord Nandi

In the Hindu scriptures, Nandi is portrayed as the mighty bull which is supposed to be the vehicle of Shiva to travel back through time and space. According to the Rishis, Nandi is, in fact, a personality known as Nandikeshvara, and is the backbone of Shiva.

Nandi has a lot of Shiva’s energy stored within him. So, Shiva always works together and discusses a lot of work together before executing them. He is the one responsible to handle all the Shiva Ganas and is also the main channel through which energies and love from Lord Shiva flow to the creation and humans. Perhaps this is why there is a statue of the bull facing the Shiva Linga in all the Shiva temples.

Nageshwara is also responsible to protect Shiva during his work. He is the snake that encircles Shiva’s neck and protects the vulnerable area. He ensures that nothing can affect Shiva in the course of his work.

The Third Eye

There is a prevalent notion that the third eye is through which Shiva destroys creations. But this isn’t the entire truth. The third eye, in fact, is a complex issue.

It is a special layer in Shiva Loka. The Rishis claim that millions of galaxy, like units, special souls, and Ganas exist in the layer, and it is where many new energies are created. It is also the layer from where knowledge is transferred. Our galaxy is said to have emerged from his third eye, according to Rishis.

There is a story about how a batch of 200 great Rishis traveled to the third eye and found out that the place was a new creation with everything being unique, and how there was unconditional love flowing towards them. They even experienced Devi Parvati in each particle, and how there was “Light” in the place. Kapila Maharshi is the expert on this cosmos as it is said that he received a lot of light from this place.

The Destroyer

Unlike Devi, Shiva doesn’t have different aspects, though he is depicted in various forms. And the core personality of the Shiva Loka is Lord Shiva. Everything that manifests from the cosmos was initially created by Devi to assist in withdrawing and destroying creation at various stages too. And destruction is an important part of creation since birth and death is a profound reality. It is the cycle through which there is a balance in manifestation. The role for Shiva is to destroy the creation when required. But the function is not only limited to that. He is the one who destroys creation, along with evil, negativity, stagnation of life. The destruction doesn’t necessarily mean death and pain, but also transformation towards the light.

So, with the manifestations through Shiva, there are a lot of ongoing transformations occurring that brings forth the abundance of new changes in life.

But he doesn’t interrupt the creation until it is absolutely necessary. He destroys when it is important, just, and essential. Moreover, he does it in the right proportion. After completing the destruction process, he uses the energies from the destroyed manifestation to create new gadgets.

Other roles of Shiva

Apart from his role as a destroyer, he is also the one who assists the soul to experience God to the fullest. He assists in the functioning and sharing of Adi Shakti’s work throughout the cosmoses and galaxies.

Personally, he gets involved with the Rishis to show them the right path, and share hope, energy, and love. There are stories of how he has incarnated on earth to help Rishis when in need. When his works are done, he returns back but leaves the energy so that other souls can be influenced by his positive energy. There is also the story about how he lived on Mount Kailash in the Himalayas, and how Rishis went to the place to be in touch with the stories. They claim that about 75% of his energies at the place until 1974. But when the Pralaya initiated, a lot of these energies shifted to other places. Today, the Rishis claim that the amount of energy remaining might be around 2% at Mount Kailash.

Shiva also has many rare gadgets that destroy evil forces. The unique feature about his Gadgets is that if some soul tries to misuse it, then it automatically gets powerless. Many of the gadgets have come from Shiva Loka, according to the Rishis.

He also takes help from Goddess Parvati to create new energies. He moves with a lot of healing energies that have the capacity to destroy any cause of sickness or poor health.

It is also said that when a soul incarnates into creation, the gender is selected when choosing the mind in Brahman Loka. If the soul chooses the female mind, then Shiva passes a lot of energies from Devi Parti onto them.

He also has the capacity to extend the life of an individual soul in the material cosmos, but they are monitored by the Rishis.

What we know about Shiva is only based on one Shiva Loka; there are 1007 Shiva Lokas that have manifested out of Devi, with the application of the Vectrum Diamond Principle. SO, there must be many other roles and capabilities that Shiva can have.

Everything in nutshell

The complexity of the manifestation in the entire cosmos is not completely understandable by an average human mind. Rishis claim this to be the “Leela” of supreme intelligence. But what can be understood is that he brings creation, allows us to experience life in the creation, and then withdraws it to bring out some other form.

The divine personalities have their jobs too. They assist in the administration and maintenance of the manifestations through which the souls enter in their journey and evolve through these Lokas. It is Shiva who withdraws and transforms the creation and also transforms individual souls too. His energy is extremely powerful and the souls can use it for negative or positive purposes too. Any soul has the capacity to link up with Shiva himself, and through which they can receive energies, knowledge, and proper guidance.