The Battle of Negative and Positive Thought

In the beginning of thought culture, there is internal fight between pure and impure thoughtss, between positive and negative thought.

The impure thought tries to enter the mental factory again and again. It asserts: “O little one, you gave me shelter in the beginning. You welcomed me before. You gave me a cordial reception. I have every right to remain in the lowlands of your mind in your instinctive, passionate mind. Why are you cruel towards me? I only gave you a push or stimulus in taking you to restaurants and hotels, cinemas and theatres, ball-rooms and bars. You had a variety of enjoyments through me alone. Why are you ungrateful to me now? I will resist, persist and recur again and again. Do whatever you like. You are weak through old habits. You have no strength to resist.”

Eventually pure thoughts only will gain victory.

Sattva is a greater power than Rajas and Tamas.

Positive overcomes negative.