Federico Zanchetta • Moksha Teacher Training Course

The Teacher

Federico Zanchetta

Federico Zanchetta’s style of teaching is both rare and bold within the culture of contemporary western yoga, firmly rooted in the traditional Hatha Yoga practice, with respectful adherence to the philosophy and genuine essence of Yoga, Fede’s authenticity & gentle generosity shine.

A former student and graduate of the prestigious Sivananda Vedanta School in India, Federico offers a lifetime of study. Passing on decades of discipline and dedication he gives regular yoga workshops and teacher training courses both locally in Portugal, as well as internationally.

Today, Federico divides his time between supporting the next generation of yoga teachers and Practitioners on the Moksha teacher training program, alongside teaching Hatha Yoga and Meditation for the beautifully curated 108 Yoga Retreats, held in Portugal.

Fede’s personal devotion to the traditional practice of Hatha Yoga continues with his Philosophy studies, which he joyfully combines with his love of Nature and Surfing, integrating these various aspects into his daily life. With his constant commitment to sharing this practice, he teaches practitioners the valuable tools which allow them to develop, balance and orient themselves, in order to live a more peaceful fulfilling life in our challenging modern times.This in turn enables students to gain greater personal understanding, alongside creating  a stronger sense of self-awareness.

Engaging, in-depth classes and workshops are offered to students of all levels, who wish to integrate the positive benefits of Hatha Yoga into their daily lives.
Focus is primarily on balancing the physical and mental aspects of this practice. Learning and developing knowledge in Pranayama,Yoga Nidra, Mantra, Meditation along with the benefits of silent walking, students experience together, both as individuals and within the group the guidance, personal clarity, and physical ease that an integrated, genuine union of Yoga can offer to us all.